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I so don't know where to start. Guh.

Carrie's moving in so we're cleaning out the garage and all heck is breaking lose because of various reason. Jasmine went to stay in the psych ward of a hospital for yet unidentified reasons (she didn't want to tell me why and appears to have not updated her journal about it *shrugs*) and has yet to call me. My attempts to call her have resulted in me being run around in a circle so I hope like hell she's all right. Annnnnnnd my Dad's being a butt. Which really isn't that new but I thought I'd put it out there.

Now I go to hopefully clean while Mom is busy.

Nooooooooes! Not the snarry_games going away too! ;.; Tis depressing.

On a related note, I was not at all away that Greatestjournal had the same terms of service as Livejournal.


Why are people so stupid in America!
There is nothing more creepy than sitting on the corner of a street in the bad part of town waiting for your niece to get her clothes and medication for the night.... Nothing. Especially when there are next to no street lights and people keep walking by... ;.;

At least there is a jackable wireless internet connection....



Dad throwing a fit. *Check*
Jasmine supposed to be taking a bus to her appointment because I can't take her, guiltyness feelings inssue. *Check*
Jasmine's phone running out of minutes while I'm trying desperately to tell her where to catch the bus at and which bus to take. *Check*
Not being able to do anything about it because I'm too busy and have no idea where she is by now. *Check*
Supposed to be at the store at this moment and Mother yellingness to occur soon. *Check*
Mom currently bitching and yelling. *Check*
Going insane and taking poor Carrie with me. *Check*

Family? Priceless....


We are so going to be lynched by the neighbors.... ;.;

Edit: God we humans are sick sick bastards! --;


Oh scary. I was clicking around randomly at people's name on dear mizstorge's journal. She has me listed for a random meme (which I still need to do... sorry) and I clicked on someone named supermairo212 and they weren't there. Not at all. They said, in fact, that it wasn't even a registered username. If it wasn't registered though, it wouldn't work, would it? Does this mean that now when they delete people they're not even going to put a line through it? Are we going to have to assume that people we haven't heard from in awhile are just going to start randomly disappearing?


I deed it....

I gave in. ;.;

My Greatestjournal account. Add me please. Or comment and I'll find and add you.

My Insanejournal account. Add me too please. Or again comment and I'll add you.

I really don't wanna lose anyone, and I've only been able to find those who have been very prolific about having moved. Sooooo, if you read this at all and you have an account please tell me.

Erm... Thanks!

Why stupid Livejournal? Why?

Still alive: day twelve

Agh! I'm HUNGRY! ;.; Carrie's Mom has stopped buying food again (I'm pretty mostly sure since Carrie hadn't eaten anything and it was almost 6) so she was starving.... I being the kind soul I am (surely something induced by my killer iPod) gave her most of my dinner tonight.

Ah well, I'll munch on whatever leftovers there are later...

What I really wanted to post about was this lady and her kid. She basically cost Jasmine her job because she felt that she (Jasmine) was rude to her child. And believe it or not that's not what I'm most upset about at this point. (Considering Jasmine has a new job of the same worth at a company that I feel is better than stupid crappy evil corporate Barnes and Noble I'm not too chuffed) If you wanna see what I had to say, cause I'm not so much an attention whore but a reassurance whore, you can see my post (by Someonepostin) on page 11.

Guh... So hungry....


Just to ask, does anyone else feel that it's inappropriate to have a child be the disease they have? Example. When she first introduced me to her son (he was in the contest costume I judged on Harry Potter night), it was phrased closer to "This is my developmentally disabled son" as opposed to "This is my son who is developmentally disabled". She sounded more like she was making excuses for him, than like she was simply making it known.

I know I'm not wording this right. Whatever. Too hungry to care really.

It just really upsets me. It's probably because all my childhood my Mother never let me forget that just because I'm hearing disabled, that isn't who I am. It's a part of me, yes, but it in no way makes me less than anyone else. Granted this was usually said in reference to something I'd done wrong, specifically towards potential punishments, but through all the screaming and ranting and raving and snapping the message got across.

This kid is going to be like my Nephew. He got away with everything because he had ADD. He stole someone else's work for class, he had ADD and didn't know better (this was in 8th grade too). He wasn't expected to have to do homework because he couldn't do it. He wasn't able to graduate high school because he was never believed to be able to. He wasn't allowed to have a normal well rounded childhood (complete with lessons on things you can't do) because he was ADD. And what gets me is that he didn't just have ADD, no. Wasn't just afflicted with ADD. He was ADD. It amazes me how just a few words rounded out to such a drastic difference.

I am hampered by my disability.

He is his. My Nephew at this point can't even read. He lives in some back water town supported by his Grandmother and is currently expecting his second child from a woman that is believed by all to be cheating on him.

I don't want that poor kid to end up like that! If the Mother keeps it up at this rate though, he will. It makes me so sad.

Okay. Food. Now. Must. Eat. *dies*


I so hate watching people on the phone. So. So. So.

It feels odd, like you're invading their privacy... >.<'